Get the new best game for this summer, the Ring Toss Game! 


Each game is handcrafted to ensure quality for each set. Each game set has its own unique wood pattern and knots. No two sets are identical! 


This fast paced game can be played in so many different ways. Here are our favourites:

- 1 vs 1 race! Start with the glass in the middle hole of the scoreboard. Each hook moves the glass one spot towards the opponent, get the glass off the opponents side to win!

- Relay Race! Start with equal players on each side. The first player keeps trying until they hook, the next player on the team then goes and this continues until the entire team has hooked. The first team to finish wins!

- Dice Roll & Hook. This 1 vs 1 timed game needs two dice. Set a timer for 2 minutes (or whatever you would like), each player begins rolling the dice to get a "1". Once they get a "1", they begin trying to Hook. Once they hook, they now start rolling for a "2". Once at "6", you restart at "1". You get the number of points that you rolled for. For added difficulty, you can add a maximum of three throws for each number. If you miss the third shot, you move onto the next number and skip the points from that roll.


Each order is handmade and are ready in 2-3 days!

Ring Toss Game

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